The Haunting of Kraken Moor

Title Card HKM

Welcome to the Horrors of a Victorian Castle!


The Haunting of Kraken Moor
Written by Mark Bousquet
Purchase: Paperback / Kindle

Beatrice Sharper was a wealthy teenager of the American Confederacy in the time of the Civil War. Disgusted by her family’s role in the slave trade, Beatrice flees the South, taking menial jobs to make ends meet. Eventually winding her way to Kraken Moor, a large estate in the east of England, Beatrice takes a job as a servant and is instantly set upon by the demons of the house.

Possession, lust, violence … Beatrice is as unprepared for the haunting of Kraken Moor as its demonic denizens are for her.

THE HAUNTING OF KRAKEN MOOR takes place inside the GUNFIGHTER GOTHIC universe.

Purchase THE HAUNTING OF KRAKEN MOOR: Paperback / Kindle

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