Gunfighter Gothic

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Welcome to the Weird Adventurs of the Victorian Era!


Join Americans Hanna Pak and Jill Masters as they roam the world in search of all the weirdness that the Victorian Era can muster.

It begins in 1866. Jill Masters is a merchant’s daughter from Boston and engaged to be married to Dotson Winters, a man she doesn’t love, in order to save her father’s business. On the eve of her wedding, Dotson is kidnapped by werewolves, and Jill and her servant, Hanna Pak, track them to the American west.

But not all is as it seemed, and Hanna & Jill enter a world of deception, intrigue, betrayal, and monsters. Lots and lots of monsters. Their journeys take them across the American West and then to a winter in Europe, battling werewolves, vampires, aliens, demons, and that most dangerous of monsters … humankind!

GG1 Under Zeppelin Skies

Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 1): Under Zeppelin Skies
Written by Mark Bousquet
Purchase: Paperback / Kindle

It’s 1866. Jill Masters, a merchant’s daughter, and Hanna Pak, her servant, have left Boston for the American West. They’re on the trail of Dotson Winters, Jill’s kidnapped fiancé, a man she doesn’t love but has agreed to marry to save her father’s business.

Dotson finds them first, and reveals that he has faked his kidnapping to intercept the Colony List, a catalog of secret agents living as servants in the most powerful houses throughout the world. Now, Jill wants him to save her father’s business and Hanna wants him to save the lives of those who, like her parents, spent their lives protecting the world in secret. The women chase Dotson across the American West and finally to England, where they have their final showdown in Kraken Moor, and English castle possessed by demons.

Along the way, the two women encounter a time-traveling British spy, kaiju, lizard men, Sun Chasers, Christian vampires, spiteful Confederates, Dixie-loving zombies, nomadic alien robots, werewolves, President Ulysses S. Grant, and the Metronome, beings who live at the end of time, creating powerful weapons for fun.

The greater challenge for Hanna and Jill is reconciling their new arrangement. Hanna wants to be treated as an equal, but Jill is not quite ready to let their old arrangement go. Can the two women work together long enough to accomplish their goals? And what happens to them if they do? In finding themselves, will the two women lose each other?



Gunfighter Gothic v2 Cover1 small

Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 2): Absinthe & Steam
Written by Mark Bousquet
Purchase: Paperback / Kindle

Fresh from their battle at the haunted Kraken Moor, Hanna and Jill are back for more investigations into the dangerously weird and weirdly dangerous. The vacationing Americans are hitting Victorian England hard in three horror stories that pit them against reborn Celtic gods, robots from outer space, a brilliant French botanist, and an Arthurian wizard.

In “Thanksgiving at the House of Absinthe & Steam,” a wild night of drinking a new brand of absinthe leads to a disturbing revelation about just how those drinks are created. “God in the Steam” sees Hanna & Jill facing off against a Celtic god trying to break the chains of Hell by murdering his half-human son. “The Worldly Introduction of Lady Absinthe & Gentleman Steam, Occult Detectives” ties both stories together, and this time it’s a brainwashed Jill that needs to hire someone to help her with a case of the weird: her mistress, Haneul, is determined to bring Merlin back from the dead to assassinate Queen Victoria!

Purchase GUNFIGHTER GOTHIC: ABSINTHE & STEAM: Paperback / Kindle


GG3 Cover Markup small

Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 3): Black Christmas
Written by Mark Bousquet
Purchase: Paperback / Kindle

Hanna & Jill are spending the 1866 Christmas season adventuring across France!

There’s little time for eggnog drinking and tree trimming, however, as they confront all manner of Christmas foes: the Krampus, Sinterklaas, Mother Noel, the Progenitors of Steam, a giant snowman, a secret society of child kidnappers, leaping lords, milking maids, feisty french hens, the Partridge, the Metronome, and a very special man in a red coat who sees you when you’re sleeping and plays very, very naughty. The third volume of collected Gunfighter Gothic stories opens with a mysterious woman crawling to the End of Time. Seeking a purpose to her life, the Metronome is more than happy to give her one that will send her hurtling across time and into conflict with the determined women of Gunfighter Gothic.



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