Dreamer’s Syndrome

Title Card DS

Welcome to the New World!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

One night, the world falls asleep and all is normal. The next morning, the world wakes up to find itself completely transformed. People have become whatever it is the dreamt of being when they were ten years old, and the world has become changed, as well, as our modern world is replaced by places like the Wild West, the Great Forest, and the Kingdom of New England.

Austin McNamara and Kelly Reed have gone from a college professor and wildlife painter to a pirate and princess, and as the New World separates them in the name of giving them what they want, Austin and Kelly embark on a dangerous journey to find one another, coming face-to-face with both God and Satan in the process!


DS SE Cover2

Dreamer’s Syndrome: Into the New World
Written by Mark Bousquet
Purchase: Paperback / Kindle

What did you want to be when you grew up?
For Austin McNamara and Kelly Reed, childhood dreams of piracy and royalty had been left behind with action figures and coloring books. They were adults now, young professionals growing comfortable together.

And then one day they wake up and the entire world has changed. Austin is a pirate. Kelly is a princess. Angels are managing the world. And God … God is lost and his children are left to fend for themselves.

What happens to a world when everyone has suddenly become their childhood dream? What does it mean for a contemporary man to suddenly be given the freedom to act like a pirate? Austin’s morals are put to the test as he seeks first to live his new existence as a pirate to the fullest and then will stop at nothing to be reunited with Kelly.

Even if that means fighting Satan himself.

Journey with Austin and Kelly into the New World. Explore an America where childhood fantasies have been given form, and discover why dreams are far more dangerous when they happen in the light of day.



Lilith Cover Final 2

Rise of the First Woman: A Dreamer’s Syndrome Anthology
Written by Mark Bousquet
Purchase: Paperback / Kindle

Imagine that you woke up this morning transformed into your childhood dream. Now imagine that possibility given form across our entire world.

That is the New World, a planet of living Dreams and awoken Nightmares.

After the events of INTO THE NEW WORLD and the battle against the Son of Satan, the Kingdom of New England is determined to get on with their lives, but Damien’s Pyrrhic victory has a consequence no one imagined – God’s Prison has cracked open and the First Woman has tumbled into our world.

RISE OF THE FIRST WOMAN details Lilith’s first steps into reforming the Eighth Day, a band of revolutionists who sought to overthrow God in the days before the serpent visited Eden. Lilith targets several of our companion as potential allies. A Writer, a Painter, a Pirate, and an Ex-Parrot are all tempted, and at least one of them will give their loyalty to the woman in the golden mask.

This anthology also features three short stories that broaden the scope of the DS universe: “Ugly Faces in the Rain,” a Detective story set in Boston, “Waiting for Iron & Steam,” a Western set in the Wild West, and “The Ravening Night Horse,” a Dark Fantasy of the Great Forest.

Purchase RISE OF THE FIRST WOMAN: Paperback / Kindle


Written by Various
Available Spring 2015

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