Welcome to Space Buggy Press, an imprint for speculative fiction of all genres. Our mission statement is to deliver high quality, engaging stories to our readers. Below, you will find banners linking you to all of our books and series.

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Title Card GG

Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 1): Under Zeppelin Skies: Paperback / Kindle
Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 2): Absinthe & Steam: Paperback / Kindle
Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 3): Black Christmas: Paperback / Kindle
Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 4): American Valkyrie: Paperback / Kindle

American Hercules Banner

American Hercules (Season One): The Hunt for Zeus: Paperback / Kindle

Title Card Five a

Adventures of the Five (Book One): The Coming of Frost: Paperback / Kindle
Adventures of the Five (Book Two): The Christmas Engine: Paperback / Kindle

Title Card The Deep
Book One: Harpsichord & the Wormhole Witches: Paperback / Kindle

Title Card HKM

The Haunting of Kraken Moor: Paperback / Kindle

Title Card SAFH

Stuffed Animals for Hire (Book One): The Christmas Operation: Paperback / Kindle
Stuffed Animals for Hire (Book Two): The New Year Operation: Paperback / Kindle

Title Card DS

Dreamer’s Syndrome: Into the New World: Paperback / Kindle
Dreamer’s Syndrome: New World Navigation Paperback / Kindle
Rise of the First Woman: A Dreamer’s Syndrome Anthology: (retired)

Title Card Anthologies

Strange & Cozy: Paperback / Kindle

Face Your Yesterdays: Paperback / Kindle

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